Equipment :

Tool India operates two Nobake foundries with induction furnace melting. Support equipment for the molding lines includes both attrition and thermal sand reclamation plants. Additional support equipment includes core making facilities, casting cleaning room and analysis equipment for both sand and castings.

Heat Treatment :

At TOOL INDIA castings can be heat-treated to bring about diffusion of carbon alloying elements, softening, hardenings, stress-relieving, toughening, improved machinability, increased wear resistance, and removal of hydrogen entrapped at the surface of the casting. Steel's versatility is due to its response to thermal treatment. Heat treatment greatly increases the number of properties that can be obtained, because at certain 'critical temperatures' iron changes from one type of crystal structure to another. This structural change, known as allotropic transformation, is spontaneous and reversible and can be made to occur by simply changing the temperature of the metal.

Pattern Services :

Tool India offers basic pattern services to its customers. These services include the design, layout, and fabrication of new patterns, maintenance of customers. Our Pattern Shop is primarily setup to maintain and repair existing customer patterns. When new patterns and/or core boxes are required, Tool India will work with one of our local pattern shops to have them built to meet our manufacturing requirements. The Pattern Storage Building is equipped a fire suppression system and located away from the foundries to help protect the customers valuable patterns.



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